Welcome to the Adventures of Pongo & Pipper

What follows is a series of single-panel photo web-comics that I created in the Spring of my Senior year at Millersville University.  It was a highly silly and highly lazy time of my life.  There are lots of extra messages you can find by letting your mouse hover over images and links.

Do you like what you see?  Do you have a question?  Do you think I'm awesome and want to tell me so?  Do you hate my guts and/or want to sue me?  Send me an email at Andrew dot Baxter at gmail dot com and tell me so.  Maybe I can make a FAQ if anyone ever asks me questions.  Well, I guess it could just be an AQ.

UPDATE: I've been asked questions by a mysterious stranger known only as Plato Socrates.  See his questions and my answers on the AQ page.

1. Pongo and Pipper Produce Papers Purporting Produce (The Premier Pongo and Pipper Project)

2. Pongo's New Accoutrement

3. Pipper's Response

4. Pongo and Pipper Go to the Movies (Return of the King)

5. Pongo and Pipper Return to the Movies (Jurassic Park)

6. Once Again, Pongo and Pipper Visit the Cinema (Fellowship of the Rings)

7.  New Gear - Now with Blasphemy!

8.  Math Puns for All!  Tiny American flags for some.

9.  Pongo's Pad

10  Hosin' Around

11.  P & P Re-Enact a Famous Scene from a Movie (The Shining)

12.  Pipper Begins a Correctional Institute

13.  Peril on the High Seas

14.  A visit from an old friend

15.  My pet could beat up your pet

16. Pongo's pot pun

17.  Captain standards

18.A Scene You've Seen. (NEW)

19. A New Hobby (NEW)

20. Fill my Eyes with that Double Vision (NEW)

21. Extreme Pipper Action! (NEWER)

22. Buck an ear? I don't get it. (NEWER)

23. I'll take Movie References Not in the Form of Re-enactments for $100, Alec (NEWER)


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