Hooray!  I have been asked questions by a mysterious stranger known only as "Plato Socrates."

Q: In the comic " 5. Pongo and Pipper Return to the Movies (Jurassic Park)" which character is being portrayed by Pongo? Which by Pipper?  Where is Jeff Goldblum?

A: Pipper portrays the sexy paleobotanist Ellie Satler and Pongo is playing kick-ass hardcore dinosaur hunter Rupert Murdock.  Um, I mean Robert Muldoon.  Jeff Goldblum is sitting wounded in the gas-powered jeep gesturing frantically saying "C'mon c'mon c'mon!"

Q: Are your these comics made by lego-men, or do they just feature lego-men?
If the latter is the case, how come the lego-men look so big in the camera?
It seems to me that they should be very small, like in real life.

A:  "Made" is an unclear word.  I, a normal human, set up the scenes, hold the camera, write the dialogue, and make the drawings.  The Lego-men tell me what to do.  They call me FG, short for "Fleshy Giant.".  And by the way the NSRLF (National Society for the Recognition of Lego Figures) informs me that the term is magnitudinally-challenged, not "very small."

Q:  In the comic "14.  A visit from an old friend". Who is the old friend?
Are you claiming to be friends with Mario Mario!?  If so, what do you think
about his brother, Luigi Mario?

A:  The old friend is, in fact, Mario Mario.  I am not friends with him, but he and Pipper go way back to their college days at Cambridge.  Cambridge Technical School, where Mario got his plumbing certification and Pipper got his associate's degree in Automotive Repair.  Pipper tells me that Luigi's an alright but is a really mean drunk.

Q:  You'll be hearing from my lawyer shortly.

A: That's not a question.

Q: This email and email will self-destruct, maybe.

A: It hasn't.  Yet.  And again, that is not a question.

Q: ╤╤╤♦ΘΘ?

A:  While it has the question mark, a key (haha) element of a question, is having letters other than theta.

There are other questions that I thought you might be wondering.  These are PAQ's (Psychically Asked Questions).

Q: Which one is Pipper?  Which one is Pongo?

A: Pipper is the puffball.  Pongo is the lego dude with the M on his chest.

Q: What does Pongo's "M" stand for?

A: Magnetron.

Q: How much free time do you have?

A: Not as much as you might think.  I tend to do bunches of comics in a row and stay up way too late.  I spread out the release of them so you don't explode from an overdose.