Ride, Pipper, Ride!

Scene from The Fellowship of the Ring

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Pipper is playing Glorfindel, not Arwen.  Pipper is a big fan of the books.  For those of you who are still confused, this is the part where Frodo is taken to Rivendell after being wounded at Weathertop by the Witchking of Angmar.  Perry the Parasauralophus plays the horse.

Yes, I should have done it facing the other way.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to balance a puffball on top of a dinosaur?   Do you?  Yes, tape was involved, as was swearing.

Isn't that Black Rider drawing awesome?  You may notice that I used the same piece of paper as the Return of the King scene.  I'm cheap, so sue me.  Plus I didn't think I could re-draw that Black Rider.  That horse has it's one leg up - it's running!  I can't duplicate that!