The Lincoln Park Zoo
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Lazy Gorilla

Gorilla enjoying a snooze in a hammock

Gorilla Snuggle

I swear, the rest of the animals are awake.


A silverback lowland gorilla (scientific name Gorilla gorilla gorilla, no foolin').

Mother and Child

The little fella is less than a year old. He came right up to the glass.

Baby gorilla

The little guy was quite cute and liked to walk back and forth on that little metal bit next to the glass.

Optimus Prime

There are signs near the primate enclosures that say "Better know a primate" and include information about the enclosure's inhabitants. I found this one particularly entertaining. (Some editting).

A bird

This bird was pretty.

That's all.

Another bird

We like birds. This one has funny things coming down off its head.


These are hornbills. They're not related to toucans, as the sign next to their cage told us.

More birds

We like birds, okay?

Black Rhinocerous

This is a black rhino. He was surprisingly active for a zoo rhino.


A dromedary walks around


At this point I realized I could take pictures of the animal that was walking around next to me.

Bald Eagle

He looked at his feet, like Wicket does. He provided little insight as to why, however.


I like vultures. I'm not really sure why.

African Experience

This is part of the African Experience exhibit. Most is indoors. In this picture there is a giraffe, two ostriches, and a gazelle. Can you find them?

Kristen at African Experience

Oh no! One of the animals has escaped. Experts advise bystanders to keep their distance as she can be extremely whimsical.


I had to choose this picture out of the 9 or so that I took.

Kristen and Polar Bear

I got the idea for this picture from the couple watching the bears next to us. They took the picture with their baby in it, rather than Kristen.

Polar Bear

I took a lot more than just this picture of the bear. This was the best, though.


That's a puffin up on the cliff there.


That poor turtle got flipped by one of the others. We never did see if he got righted again.


A beaver.


The beavers liked swimming near the glass. All in all, the Lincoln Park Zoo has the most show-off animals I've ever seen.


The otters also loved swimming near the glass.


Andy took eight pictures of this owl. This is the best.


This is an American Kestral. Her wing is injured, so she can't fly.


This is another shot of that kestral.

Kristen is very fun to take to zoos because she communes with the animals.  This time I took candid video:
Kristen communing with the Kestral

There was also a silly puffin (I think he was young) who couldn't quite get the hang of diving underwater:
Puffin Bobber

Last, I got some good footage of the baby gorilla:
Baby Gorilla Movie