Around the City
These are pictures we took at various site in Chicago.

John Hancock Center

We went here the first day. This is the view from the courtyard at the bottom.

Lakeshore Drive

This is the view from the top of the John Hancock Center looking north along the lake.

Fourth Presbyterian

This is a neat fountain in the courtyard of Fourth Presbyterian, across the street from the John Hancock Center

Millennium Park

This is Millennium Park. It's very recently done as the name suggests. It's very pretty with gardens and gleaming steel structures. It's very Modern.

Andy and Kristen at Millennium Park

We met up with Kristen's roommate Colleen while in the city, and she took this picture of us at Millennium Park.

Andy at Millennium Park

Andy carried the camera most of the time. This was from one of the rare instances when Kristen the camera.

Cloud Gate

This is one of the gleaming metal sculptures at Millennium Park. It's called Cloud Gate.

Reflections on Cloud Gate

The figure in brown is Colleen, Kristen is wearing a white top and is standing next to her. Andy is wearing a yellow shirt and his his hands in front of his face as if he was holding the camera that was taking this picture.

Kristen in Crown Fountain

Kristen took off her sandals to splash in Crown Fountain, also in Millennium Park.

Kristen in Crown Fountain

At least she's having fun while in there

Crown Fountain

Crown Fountain has two big pillars, one on each end, which have faces projected on them. The faces came from a cross-section of Chicacoans.

Crown Fountain

The pillars are animated and sometimes spit water. Sometimes the pillars go dark and water streams from the tops.

Tribune Building

This is the building for the Chicago Tribune. Stones from various other buildings are embedded in the stonework, along with labels.

Tribune Building

This stone particularly caught Kristen's eye. She says they're as bad as the British.

Lake Michigan Andy

On our way to Navy Pier, Kristen and Andy stopped by the shore of Lake Michigan. The sand was burning hot but the water was freezing cold.

Kristen in Lake Michigan

Here's a nice picture of Kristen wading in the lake with some city in the background.

Navy Pier

This sign is strangely enough in the middle of the Navy Pier, not at the beginning as one might expect. This is the entrance to a collection of rides like the Ferris Wheel and Carousel.

Ferris Wheel Kristen

Andy pulled out the camera while on the Ferris Wheel.

Ferris Wheel View

A shot of Chicago from the Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier.