By Amanda Allison! Finally!!

So I finally decided to create my page and I see that Baxter already did that for me :) Mine will definitely not be as elaborate but I do have some wedding pictures!!

Let's see if I can do this... Okay, after a half hour of trying, I can't figure it out so I'm going to let Baxter's clues here to see if I can figure it out later. Anyway.... here's a bit of a catch-up with my life!

Well, where do I begin!? May 9 I started at Auntie Anne's home office in Gap. I work in the accounting department and my official title is Senior Payroll Clerk. Not too exciting of a title but I love my job. I handle all the payroll for the home office employees (about 130) and all company-owned store employees (about 250-300). I also handle all the sales and use tax returns for about 10 different states. For the first three months of my job, I reviewed, approved, and corrected the financial statements for all Auntie Anne's franchises (about 600!!). That was a lot of fun because I got to call the franchisees and find out more about the business. It was a great way to get me introduced to the company. I also get projects from time to time from the director of accounting or the CEO to analyze figures in the company, such as franchise fees and what it costs the company to support a store.

I do have a nice life outside of work too! I was married on September 18 and that was the happiest day of my life :) Todd and I also got a puppy on July 30. Her name is Bailey and I believe that she is the devil. Once I figure out how to put a picture on this freakin' website you'll see what she looks like. She's an adorable Rottweiler puppy but don't let her cuteness fool you. She is a holy terror! We also bought a house behind Kendig Square and we're making it our own slowly but surely.

Well, I'm going to finish watching the Biggest Loser finale (I love this show). I hope to update this more often!

That picture was not hard to put in.  I first moved a copy of the file into FrontPage.  You used to do this with the MAC Access (MACcess?) database.  Then I dragged the file into the page I was making in the editor window.  It's just like inserting a picture into Microsoft Word.  To turn it into the thumbnail version, I right-clicked on the image and selected the Auto-Thumbnail function.  You could also reduce the size to more manageable dimensions instead.

Now I will show you how to create a hyperlink.  If the webpage is on this (which any of your own or my webpages will be), you can simply drag the file into the editor window like you did with the picture.

Baxter's Website.

Of course, if you want to make a new page and connect the two together, you'll have to make that second page (or at least create and name the file) before you can link to it..

If the website is elsewhere on the web, you can do two things.  You can type out the web address in full and hope that it is turned into a link automatically:
Or you can use the Insert Hyperlink (Ctrl+K) tool in the Insert menu.
Homestar Runner is a terrific athlete

You can change the text displayed by the link by right-clicking on it, selecting Hyperlink Properties, and changing the top-most option (Text to Display, what a funny name).  Or you can just backspace over it and type in new text.

That's all you need for a functional website.  Play around, see what you come up with.